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First Post/Introduction

Here you can inquire about any questions you may have about the Nevada Striper Club. I.E. When is the next meeting?, where is the weigh-in?, how much are yearly dues?,ETC...ETC...

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First Post/Introduction

Unread postby » Tue Aug 06, 2013 9:04 am

All, thank you for allowing me access to your forum, my name is Brian and I am new to Las Vegas and the Nevada fishing scene. I recently bought a 94 Bass Tracker Pro 17 w/40 hp. I came from Virginia where I was introduced to salt water/ocean fishing and am hooked on hunting stripers.

I typically fish on the weekends, by myself and have been out 3 times so far doing fairly well, 30/20/10 stripers each time. I do not know any secrets, just use my standard large mouth techniques because that is all I know. I look forward to maybe joining the club and learning to hunt the monsters of lake mead and the river.

I have located several boils but have not figured out the top water deal everyone is talking about as I have only landed a handful from the boils. I have been most successful with longer, shallow type crank baits from 9am to noon in the coves around callville. Best day I caught 30 1-2 lb stripers, 10 lg mouth (four 4lbs), and 5 little small mouth.

I work alot and do not have alot of time to go to meetings...usually any spare time I have is spent on the lake but look forward to meeting any and/or all of you soon.

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Re: First Post/Introduction

Unread postby iamthesmf » Fri Aug 23, 2013 5:23 am

Check out the fishing report from our August newsletter for fishing tips.

Try bait fishing with chunks of Anchovies on a jighead or a Carolina rig. Same for live bait too.

Top water lures we like the Jumping Minnow, Zara spooks, sammies and castmaster spoons.
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Re: First Post/Introduction

Unread postby CMadden64 » Tue Aug 27, 2013 2:23 pm

catch yourself some nice fat (football shaped) gizzard shad, find a spot off the point of a cove (40-85ft deep of water) drop down till you hit bottom , then 3-4 reels up depending on how long your leader is and hold on. was out sunday before the storm kicked me off the water plenty of shad and some real nice fish that ate those shad!!! me and the old man pulled in 4 fish over 5lbs in just a few hours. great morning!!!

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