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Ground rules and board etiquette (read first)

Read our rules for the discussion board here.

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Ground rules and board etiquette (read first)

Unread postby admin » Wed Mar 09, 2011 7:29 pm

:D 1.) Please be respectful and courteous of others at all times. Do not use obscene, vulgar or racial language. The posting of sexually explicit or obscene images and text will not be tolerated. The Nevada Striper Club discussion boards are open to people of all ages. Users under the age of 16 require parental consent. Forms are available upon request. The club reserves the right to delete and/or remove any questionable postings for any reason without warning or explanation.

2.) Please keep posts and topics within the parameters of our site, meaning fishing related subjects. Advertising products or services is not permitted. You may mention products and services if they fit within the subject matter in which you are posting. The Club reserves the right to remove any postings that may be harmful to Nevada Striper Club’s members and sponsors.

3.) The Nevada Striper Club will not tolerate any discussions promoting illegal activity of any kind. Any such posts will be deleted and future participation can be revoked.

4.) One login account per user is allowed. Registering multiple accounts will not be permitted and is subject to revocation of board access.

5.) Advertising, spamming or phishing is not permitted. Users that flood the board, spam or post ads outside of forum guidelines will be blocked from further access without warning or explanation.

6.) Out of respect for the angler, please do not ask where he/she was fishing and what tactics they were using when they post a fishing report. If the angler wants to share their information they will include it in their post.

7.) In an effort to reduce phishing and spammers, newly registered users will be subject to confirmation upon registration. Once confirmed, registered users will have standard access to discussion boards.

8.) Keep the boards civil and above all, keep it fun! :D

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