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July 2013 · Volume 4 Number 6   

June Tournament Recap           
Once again Mike O’Donnell took 1st place and seems to be back in his old form after what seems like a couple of years of his fishing buddies cashing all the checks while competing aboard the SS O’Donnell. Not that it bothered Mike… much. We are all excited to see him back on a roll. Mike’s bag was a very nice for June total of 20.50 lbs down only 3/10ths from last month’s 20.80 lb winning bag. Rounding out the top 4 (paying positions) were Ciprian Cimpan 2nd place, Ciprian Cimpan 3rd place and Chad Kloeppel with a 4th place check.

In our Junior Division we only had a couple of fisher people weigh in. Once again our ½ pint size Austin Madden took 1st with 6.35 lbs which was better than 11 of the Seniors. And Cole Kazel was 2nd with a couple of small Stripers. It seemed that everyone had a great time despite some uncomfortable weather conditions and the challenges of June fishing. I hope to see you at the next weigh in and hopefully be writing about your Dandy bag for next months recap. Now get out there and remove some of those Wrinkles.

Steve Fry

July 2013 Podium

Letter From The Prez            

Hello to all. It's July and the heat is here. The lake will be swarming with boaters, some of which may be unfamiliar with rules and regulations. I hope everyone takes an opportunity to help educate anyone who may be having troubles. Please make the choice to alert authorities if you see something illegal happening. Most important, never leave a boat stranded. Help in some way, if you can. Remember, the next time it may be you who needs the help.

As you all know we are a nonprofit club and as such we depend on our members to support it and help it grow. We do a few fundraisers a year to provide a wonderful banquet at the end of the season, trophies, plaques, and raffle prizes. It seems as though the same few members are always the ones volunteering for the events. Considering we have over 40 members in the club, it seems a little unfair to those who devote a lot of their time to make this club successful. Come on everyone, get involved! This lack of participation may lead to these fundraisers being cancelled. Membership dues and tournament fees may have to be increased or the banquet impossible to do. I would hate to see either one of those happen. The success of this club is depends on EVERYONE! July's weather will be a scorcher during the tournament, so remember; lots of water, lots of ice, and lots of sunscreen. Good luck to all! Happy Fishing!

President Brad

Hook, Line, and Sinker            

Memories Great Memories Who out there that fishes does not have wonderful memories of those days and those people who introduced us to our wonderful sport / pastime. Now where am I going with this… well it is now our turn to create those someday to be cherished memories in our next generation of fishing enthusiasts. When we take our young people or maybe a friend fishing there is a good chance that someday they will look back upon this experience with fondness and hopefully they will pass their skills and enthusiasm on to yet another generation of anglers. You may or maybe not be wondering what has brought this to mind at this time. Well I’m gonna tell ya. My Lady and I just returned a week or two ago from Washington State where we spent most of a week camping, fishing and making memories. I had the pleasure of fishing with my Son and Daughter both of whom I taught to fish at very young ages as well as my Grandson and Granddaughters. As I set here writing this article I am remembering all the great times I had fishing with my Grandfather and hoping that my Grandchildren will someday look back with as much joy as I feel with my memories. One of my Granddaughters caught the biggest Trout on the first day and I’m sure it will be a long lasting happy memory for us both. The point of this story is that I hope each of you have someone to remember and someone to take out and create memories with. If you do please do not miss out, grab them and get some fishin done and have a few great memories to share.

Steve Fry

Fishing Report            
We did not have much of a spring season as the folly of northern cold fronts and winds kept winter just barely hanging on. It seems we have two seasons here in the desert, hot and cold, we now are entering the summer and that means hot. With the warmer temperatures stripers are hanging out in deep water during the day and then cruise the shallows at night to feed. The bait fish also are in cooler waters but are ambushed as the transition from deep to shallow waters. This is the time to fish when the fish are transitioning water depths. Just after dark (9-10pm) and again just before sunrise (2-3am). The stripers can be found on the beach areas between Hemingway and boulder beach. This is a prime location for small crawfish and grasshoppers that are swept onto the lake by the late afternoon winds.

The Vegas wash still has some good fishing in areas that transition from deep to shallow like the mouth of coves and small islands. Trolling with live shad or strips of large Gizzard shad is very productive for larger fish. The beach areas are a great area for cut bait like Anchovies and sardines. The key to fishing the beach is chumming and lots of it. You may go thru 45-50 pounds of chum and 80 pounds of bait, corn is a good alternate for cut bait in a blender. 100 fish nights are not uncommon so bring lots of bait and ice.

Cut bait, trolling and possible early morning top water are good bets. The fish have been boiling next to the buoys off the beach in the morning. You can still fish with live bait but your time getting bait will be during the bite of early and late of the day.

Bait rigs for cut bait are the Carolina rig (1oz egg weight, swivel 18 inches of line and a 2/0 hook). To keep it simple a 1/4 or 1/8 ounce lead head hook can be cast out and let sink. Cut your Anchovy or Sardine into chunks, heads and tails are discarded as chum. Keep a can of attractant spray like Jacks Juice in salty shad or garlic. After 15 about minuets re-spray or change your bait, the lake water will bleach out your bait of any flavor or scent.

Where to go:

Most of the Stripers will be on the beach, Kingman Wash and the Vegas Wash. Points and the mouths of coves at 60 to 100 feet deep. Areas like 33 hole Government wash and the channel marker near it. From Government all the way to Sand Island are producing fish deeper now that the water levels are dropping. Crawdad cove is hit or miss but worth a check as its name sake has a lot of mud bugs. There will be fish suspended or just off the bottom so pick your rig to get the bait to where the fish are (a two pole stamp is good for this type of fishing). You may need to change you depths as the day progresses but that’s the basic Striper techniques for the area.

Other areas include; Echo bay and just south of that to Walkers Bay, north of Echo is the Glory Hole and Stewarts Point, use the same rigs but the night bite is the best. Gregg Basin: Temple bar, Striper Bay, mile marker 42-45 and by Channel Island and into south cove on the left or west side.

Toby Chandler
June Results
1. Mike O'Donnell
2. Roger Batson
3. Ciprian Cimpan
4. Chad Kloeppel
5. Toby Chandler
6. Antonio Rus
7. Ken Cliadakis
8. Thomas Lima
9. John Nutting
10.Chris Madden
11.Warren Wagner
12.Amy Wagner
13.Tom Lucero
14.Michael Harvey
15.Steve Fry
16.Becki Spellman
17.Frank Gonsalves
18.Arend Schouten
19.Alex Kazel
20.Mona Schouten
21.Daniel Zaharie
22.Ernie Goo
23.Rickey Parker


1. Austin Madden
2. Cole Kazel
YTD Standings
1. Ciprian Cimpan
2. Roger Batson
3. Mike O'Donnell
4. Ken Cliadakis
5. Thomas Lima
6. Chris Madden
7. Toby Chandler
8. Warren Wagner
9. John Nutting
10.Becki Spellman
11.Steve Fry
12.Amy Wagner
13.Brad Anderson
14.Mike Steckel
15.Alex Kazel
1. Cody Steckel
2. Austin Madden
3. Cole Kazel
4. Julian Romero
5. Riley Routree
6. Gabe Lawrence
7. Nolan Anderson
9. Chloé Resma
Big Fish
Big Fish
Mike O'Donnell
7.85 Pounds
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