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August 2013 · Volume 4 Number 6   

July Tournament Recap           
As it often is in the summer, July fishing was anywhere from pretty good to not so much. The results ranged from 1st place at 19.90 pounds for Thomas Lima to several NWI’s. Now no one was surprised that Thomas came in with his big bag as he often does because he is a heck of a dedicated fisherman. The more surprising finish was another dang good fisherman and past President Dean Pijut coming in with a two fish total of 3.10 pounds. I say that not to be down on our friend Dean but only to illustrate the pretty good to the not so much difference in results from two outstanding fishermen that have both won a bunch of our tournaments. Another noteworthy happening this tournament was the for the first time in a long time the SS O’Donnell had no one on the podium...(anybody want to make a small wager on whether that will happen again in August)? There was despite the heat, uncertain weather and vacation time of year still a pretty good turnout for the tournament. We had 24 senior division participants and 4 junior fishermen so let’s keep the momentum and get out there and hit it again in August.

July 2013 Podium

On the podium for July were: Senior division: Thomas Lima 1st place 19.90 pounds and Biggest Fish at 8.80 pounds. Tom Lucero 2nd place 13.00 pounds. Mike Steckel 3rd place 12.60 pounds. Toby Chandler our Tournament Director 4th place 8.70 pounds The Junior division: Cody Steckel had 8.85 pounds Dylan Jeziorski had 7.00 pounds Austin Madden had 5.40 pounds Cole Kazel fished hard but had no luck at all, but maybe this month he and his dad Alex will have a boat…that should help.

Letter From The Prez            
Hello to all!! I'm going to keep this short and sweet. It's August and the fish are boiling along with the heat and storms!! Please everybody let's be smart on the lake. Keep your eye to the sky and to the water. Yes the boils are fun but a rough ride in isn't. Remember summer time the wind can pick up in no time so use your heads please!!!

Happy Fishing!
Brad An

Hook, Line, and Sinker            

This segment is usually dedicated to bits of club news and information, but summer is usually our slow time and there’s not too much going on at the moment. One thing mentioned last month was the stickers of our beloved logo should be on order or here already so if yours is starting to look a little weathered, keep a look out at the next meeting for them and pick one (or three) up. The fundraiser cookout went well despite the blistering heat on the weekend of Independence Day and the club was able to replenish the coffers a little with just under $1000 profit. Once again we were a little light in the volunteer department and hopefully that starts to change for the better soon. Thankfully we have a baker's dozen of dedicated members that pulled it off again. Please take a minute to thank the people that contribute many of hours every month to making this club great. Or better yet, pitch in next time help is needed. I promise you will enjoy it, feel rewarded, learn something and probably get some valuable fishing information as well.

Some events that are coming up this fall include but are not limited to; The Fall Fishing Classic at Bass Pro Shops, Adopt-a-Cove, C.A.S.T for kids and a fundraiser in some form or other. All of the events will require volunteers and members are encouraged to contribute in any way they can. Bass Pro (our biggest sponsor) would really like to see us to produce our own specialized and Striped Bass specific event at their Fall Classic. This subject will be discussed at the next board meeting and reported on as soon as something is nailed down. The next Adopt-a-Cove date should be sometime in September or October when the weather cools down. So look for an announcement on that soon too. C.A.S.T is always a blast (huh, that rhymes) and our last fundraiser is the most crucial to help finish out the season and start the next one. I guess what I am saying is; Lets make this a season to remember and finish it out with a bang! This club does amazing things and produces some great anglers as well. But it is our dedication to community service and camaraderie that make us the best fishing club in the valley.

Tony Resma


Fishing Report            
It is monsoon season again, it’s hot and humid. The clouds are building up during the day and isolated storms are dropping rain towards the evening hours. The Monsoon rain cools off the afternoon heat but it’s still muggy. July has come and gone but the warmer water is still lingering around. Water temps are in the mid 80’s and the Shad are up in the Vegas wash feeding. When I say up in the wash I mean 1-2 feet, in the moving water flowing off the sand bar points that separate the wash from the lake. The average Striped bass cannot tolerate temperatures this hot and will stage in cooler waters waiting for the bait fish to return. The Stripers are roaming the drop off areas that transition from 60 to 100. Setting up in this depth with your fish finder Stripers will be marked at around the bottom to mid water column 50-75ft. The bite is early morning and top water is at grey light. The boils don’t last long and by 7am the fish have gone to deeper water. The evening bite starts around 3pm and really picks up about 5pm. Fishing is still productive at night but it comes in waves as the schooling fish move around. Chumming can improve the night bite and keep the fish biting longer. The stripers can be found in the Vegas wash and by the intake tower by Boulder Harbor. The Vegas wash still has some good fishing in areas that transition from deep to shallow like the mouth of coves and small islands. Trolling with live shad or strips of large Gizzard shad is very productive for larger fish. Bait rigs for cut bait are the Carolina rig (1oz egg weight, swivel 18 inches of line and a 2/0 hook) To keep it simple a 1/4 or 1/8 ounce lead head hook can be cast out and let sink. For live bait try to down size and use a light wire hook so the bait can swim freely. You may want to use a smaller hook and a few split shot weights.

Where to go: As the rains dissipate the winds will pick up and drifting could be to your advantage. Try points and the mouths of coves at 60 to 100 feet deep. Areas like 33 hole Government wash and the channel marker near it. From Government all the way to Sand Island are producing fish deeper now that the water levels are dropping. Crawdad cove has been good for top water and night bite as well. There will be fish suspended or just off the bottom so pick your rig to get the bait to where the fish are (two pole stamp is good for this type of fishing). You may need to change your depths as the day progresses but that’s the basic Striper techniques for the area. Echo bay and just south of that to Walkers Bay, north of Echo is the Glory Hole and Stewarts Point, use the same rigs but the night bite is the best. Gregg Basin: Temple bar, Striper Bay, mile marker 42-45 and by Channel Island and into south cove on the left or west side.

Tony Chandler

July Results
1. Thomas Lima
2. Tom Lucero
3. Mike Steckel
4. Toby Chandler
5. Ciprian Cimpan
6. Antonio Rus
7. Roger Batson
8. Ken Cliadakis
9.Joe Madden
10.Warren Wagner
11.Mike O'Donnell
12.Chris Madden
13.Chad Kloeppel
14.Steve Fry
15.Arend Schouten
16.Ed Dibble
17.John Nutting
18.Mona Schouten
19.Dean Pijut
20.Alex Kazel
21.Mark Del Medico
22.Michael Harvey
23.Rickey Parker
24.Robert Stanley

1. Cody Steckel
2. Dylan Jeziorski
3. Austin Madden
4. Cole Kazel


YTD Standings

1. Ciprian Cimpan
2. Roger Batson
3. Mike O'Donnell
4. Thomas Lima
5. Ken Cliadakis
6. Chris Madden
7. Toby Chandler
8. Warren Wagner
9. Mike Steckel
10.John Nutting
11.Steve Fry
12.Tom Lucero
13.Becki Spellman
14.Chad Kloeppel
15.Amy Wagner


1. Cody Steckel
2. Austin Madden
3. Cole Kazel
4. Julian Romero
5. Riley Routree
6. Gabe Lawrence
7. Nolan Anderson
9. Chloé Resma


Big Fish
Big Fish
Thomas Lima
8.80 Pounds
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