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December 2013 · Volume 4 Number 11   

November Tournament Recap           
After a one month delay in fishing, club members were anxious to resume the tournament series. 23 adults and 6 juniors entered and went for it. Overall the fishing was good and most everyone caught fish. Here is how it all shook out for them.

Newcomer Josh Holstrom demonstrated his angling skills by coming to the scales with 4 fish that totaled 11.10 lbs and earned a 4th place check to cover the gas. Nice one Josh! Good Luck in December! Veteran angler and new RV owner Chad Kloeppel has been fishing hard and reaping the rewards for a while now. He works hard on the water and it paid off this month as his 13.25 lb bag of fish netted him 3rd place for his effort. Good job Chad! Let’s go camping soon! The new dynamic duo of Thomas Lima and Roger Batson rounded out the field with 2nd and 1st place respectively. These two hauled in 14.30 and 15.35 lb bags as well as Roger’s 4.65 lb fish that was good enough for another big fish check. Roger also gained a 2 point lead over reigning Angler of the Year Chip Cimpan. These guys are going to be tough to beat with all of that experience and luck aboard Tom’s shad machine.

Once again the junior anglers division had at least 5 participants which is great to see. Hopefully we can keep up the good work and get our youth members out there fishing tournaments. Fishing aboard his dad’s new boat, Cole Kazel grabbed 3rd place with 6.60 lbs and solidifying his 3rd place YTD points spot for the season. 2nd place went to Allison Holstrom as she came to the scales with a 7.65 lb four fish bag. Great job Allison! Good luck next month! And our 1st place junior last month was Cody Steckel. His 10.40 lb weigh in would have beaten 13 adults in the standings. His dad is an old school Lake Mead angler and has taught him well. Notable mention: Austin Madden came in 4th place and is trailing Cody by 16 points with 2 tournaments left in the race for Junior Angler of the Year! Good luck all!

Tony Resma

November 2013 Podium

Letter From The Prez            
Hello to all!! I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving. As we all know its almost end of year only 2 more tournament's left. Which means time to elect new officers and get started on planning the banquet. So lets start thinking about nominating new president tournament director, board members etc.

As we all know its winter time and its cold which of course the water is cold. The big fish are coming in shallow chasing the big gizzard shad. When u hook one of the big boys be aware of whats going on around you. Try not to bumb into other boats or cross lines most important dont fall in the water. As a few of us know the boat ride back all wet is not fun. Be sure to keep extra clothes on the boat just in case. Remember even tho its cold u still need to drink water and keep ice on your fish.

Happy Fishing!
Brad Anderson

Hook, Line, and Sinker            

Fishing in monthly tournaments with the Striper Club is a great way to enhance your angling skills, meet new people and stay in tune with our ever changing Lake. As a club member you have the opportunity to gain heaps of fishing know how from the present to years past from your fellow members. However, this does not come free. You must reciprocate by giving back to the club. A “Club” by definition is a group of people that all contribute to reach a goal, accomplish a task or gain knowledge through social engagement. In order for clubs to work there must be total participation in some form or other. Please keep these words in mind as the tournament season comes to a close. Also, take a minute to observe the amount of effort your officers and board members make to keep our club going every month. Then think how you as a member can make your contribution to the club by volunteering or offering a hand when it’s needed.

Elections are just around the corner and the club will need your help to ease the pressure on those that have carried the torch for so long. Our beloved club has fallen on hard times and even considered throwing in the towel in the past due to lack of member participation but has always pressed on with help from a few dedicated members. The Striper Club is presently strong and filled with some great people. Let’s keep up the good word as we continue to grow and learn from each other while teaching new anglers our values and fishing know how.

As a member that has fished over 80 tournaments and volunteered for every position in the club with the exception of club President, I have observed one area of growth in the club that couldn’t please me more. That is the Junior Anglers division. Our goal has always been to encourage youth participation in monthly tournaments and all of our hard work is starting to bear fruit. With 9 entries in September and 6 in November, we can only hope for the same in December as the tournament series concludes. If you have been following their progress this year, you may have noticed; these youngsters can fish too. Many of them are out fishing 60% of the adult field and a few of them are giving the podium a run for their money. Keep up the good work everyone!

Tony Resma


Fishing Report            
With the water levels changing every weekend especially with the latest influx from Lake Powell the lake is changing. (Dave) Duncan Island over by the intake tower is well pronounced and more are ready to show up as the water drops. Stay off the cliffs a good 80 or so yards to avoid any potential rock hazards. The gap from the main lake to the entrance of the Vegas Wash has provided a number of rock hazards above and below the water.

Now to the fishing, the water levels have displaced the Shad but with a little patience and some help from fellow club members you will find the bait. We found the Shad back in the Vegas Wash on the left taking cover near the submerged brush. The morning bite is good on lures and Carolina rigged bait just off the bottom in 50 feet. The bite shuts off around 9am but a few stragglers have been hitting in the middle of the day. The late bite starts just before sunset and continues a few hours after that. The night bite is not as productive but with a full moon the light will attract some fish..

Some other options have been deep water about 170ft with fish at about 100 near the openings to Boxcar and Crawdad coves. With the cooler temperatures coming expect larger fish to start moving into shallow waters to feed. Trolling large Gizzard shad, AC Plugs and umbrella rigs may produce that trophy to get you a podium win. A nod to the beach as some of these fish still think someone is stocking Trout or maybe the large Gizzard shad are over there.

For you Lake Mohave and Willow Beach fishermen, there was a huge die-off at the federal hatchery. First time was in August 40,000 Trout died and unconfirmed recently 22,000 died and 11,000 were released downstream. No plans have been made to fix the clogged pipes at the hatchery or if the government will continue with the Trout stocking program.

Toby Chandler

November Results
1. Roger Batson
2. Thomas Lima
3. Chad Kloeppel
4. Josh Holstrom
5. Tom Lucero
6. Ciprian Cimpan
7. Chris Madden
8. Mike Steckel
9. Toby Chandler
10.Frank Gonsalves
11.Alex Kazel
12.Warren Wagner
13.Ed Dibble
14.John Nutting
15.Xiu Qing Ning
16.Mark Del Medico
17.Steve Fry
18.Becki Fry
19.Dean Pijut
20.Dick Gagan
21.George Henning
22.Jimmy Romero
23.Todd Gottschall

1. Cody Steckel
2. Allison Holstrom
3. Cole Kazel
4. Austin Madden
5. Gavin Gottschall
6.Julian Romero


YTD Standings
1. Roger Batson 126.25
2. Ciprian Cimpan 124.95
3. Thomas Lima 109.05
4. Chris Madden 91.95
5. Mike O'Donnell 75.90
6. Tom Lucero 71.60
7. Toby Chandler 70.90
8. Mike Steckel 69.80
9. Chad Kloeppel 66.10
10.Warren Wagner 65.80
11.Ken Cliadakis 61.10
12.Steve Fry 59.35
13.John Nutting 55.45
14.Antonio Rus 52.90
15.Joe Madden 48.55
1. Cody Steckel
2. Austin Madden
3. Cole Kazel
4. Julian Romero
5. Riley Routree
6. Gabe Lawrence
7. Nolan Anderson
9. Chloé Resma

Big Fish
Big Fish
Roger Batson
4.65 Pounds
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