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January 2014 · Volume 5 Number 1   

December Tournament Recap           
The second to the last contest of the tournament series was a good one as members fished hard in a effort to make the top 10 fish-off or earn points toward the angler of the year race. Former angler of the year Thomas Lima is looking to win another title while his new mate Roger Batson is gunning for his first. Reigning champ Ciprian Cimpan is also right there with a good chance to repeat. It should be an epic finish as these three battle it out. It’s too bad there are no winter trout plants any more. It would have made for an exciting finish and top 10 fish-off. On the back end, John Nutting and Steve Fry are vying for the last spot in the fish-off and both could get in if they can bring four fish to the scale. Good luck to everyone fishing next weekend! Here is how the December tourney shook out.
July 2013 Podium

Working hard all weekend in a effort to regain his lead in the point standings, Chip Cimpan came up a little short with 12.55 lbs but still managed a 4th place finish and stayed within reach to take it all (see YTD Standings) again. Tommy Lucero is a great fisherman that has been close or in it all season and once again returned to the podium with bag that weighed 13 lbs and claimed 3rd. Nice one Tom! Vice Prez Roger Batson has put an awesome season together and currently holds a four point lead on Chip. He came up big and padded his lead with a healthy sack of 14.95 lbs to grab 2nd place. Well done Roger! The title is within your grasp now. Good luck! Mr. Lima is in the hunt too but needed to gain some ground on Chip and Roger to have a chance for a big finish in January and he did just that. His 16.7 lb weigh-in including big fish honors with a 5.7 lb’er netted 1st place and brought him within reach of the top spot but he will need a huge finish and a little help to win another championship. I guess we will have to wait and see what happen. Bon chance fella’s!

The junior angler of the year race will also come down to the January tourney as well with two youngsters battling for the crown. Cody Steckel holds a six point lead on Austin Madden and is looking to retain the belt but Austin is no slouch and will be going for it all this month you can bet. It should be an exciting finish! Last month, Cody was absent and lost a little of his cushion to Austin as latter of the two brought in a four fish bag that weighed 9.4 lbs good for first. Reigning big fish of the year champ Cole Kazel came in 2nd place with 3.95 lbs. He will be a force to be reckoned with next year with that new boat and is my favorite to take it all next season. Good job little dudes! Hopefully we will see more kids fishing this month with this awesome winter weather. It has been a good year for the juniors so let's keep it growing next season!

Tony “The Ghost” Resma

Letter From The Prez            
Hello to all,

I hope you all had a good x-mas and a happy new year. As you all know its January and our last tournament of the season. So for those in that tight race for the top 10 fish-off, you better get busy. All its going to take is one big fish and they are on the move. So good luck and wish you all the best. February is around the corner which means banquet and top 10. All club members are invited to the banquet and to the top 10 weigh in. Lets see a nice turn out for both and show support to those fishing the top 10. On a final note thanks to everyone who stepped up for officers and board of directors.

Happy Fishing!
Brad Anderson

Hook, Line, and Sinker            

Where Have All the Dandies Gone? Having perused around the Newsletters for the last couple of years, it seems that there have not been any 15+ pound Stripers weighed in for a quite a while. So, they are still out there!!! Well if it’s going to happen this should be the time of year for it. I’m not sure where all the big fish have gone but with all the Threadfin and Gizzard Shad available for their dining pleasure there should be getting more and more of them.

I know that with all the excellent fisherpersons we have in our Nevada Striper Club it’s going to happen. The question is “Do You Feel Lucky”? Well if you do and if you combine the little bit of lucky with your skills, maybe this is your time to shine. We have some very talented Striper fisherpersons in our club who have not fished in tournaments for a while and it would be good to see you out there this month.

The only certainty is if you’re not out there fishin you sure won’t be catchin. So if you are a Nevada Striper Club member maybe it time to fish one of our monthly tournaments and take home a check. You still have the January tournament to go for Big Fish of the Year honors (and check). And if you are not yet a member of our Nevada Striper Club stop by our monthly club meeting (see right column) and check us out we will be happy to talk Striper fishin with you. We may be able to help you improve your success in harvesting this hard fighting and delicious eating fish that is so prevalent and yet elusive in Lake Mead.

Best of Fishin to you,

See you just a little north of the dam sometime,

Steve Fry

Fishing Report            
It looks like the water at the lake is holding steady around 1106. Take note of the rock hazards around the area you plan to fish. You may find yourself in a situation that will cause you to leave after the sun goes down. Whether it’s the wind or an emergency of some sort you need to know you surrounding for a safe passage. If you plan to fish the intake tower the sign over that area warns of 100ft clearance. Also watch out for the back wash dump of a few thousand gallons that will spill out from the top platform with no alarm or warning.

Now that we have addressed some safety issues let’s talk fishing. During the last tournament the water levels were on the rise, well now they are stable. Good chance the bait is still in the back of the wash and near the flooded brush. The Gizzard Shad are hugging the brush and the Threadfins are just out a little bit deeper around 5-6 foot. The morning bite is hit or miss depending if the fish were feeding by moon light. The Vegas Wash is not known as a good place for a night bite. The time right around sunset has turned my 2 fish into 12 within an hour. Echo Bay area is a fishery that you can catch Stripers all year round. They may not be as big as the wash but has been known to kick out at least one 24.8 pounder. The rig of choice has been the Carolina rig with live bait just off the bottom in 50 to 80 feet. Whether you anchor, drift of troll find the bait and fish will be close by ready to bite.

The gizzard Shad have reached a size that they show up on you sonar and are almost impossible to distinguish from Stripers. If the fish on the finder are not biting with in the first hour, move to another location. These fish are acting a little weird; maybe the moon has them a little off. This time of year the fish will move freely due to the cooler water. Try areas like Black Island and Callville Bay. Heard the spoon jig bite has been producing a few fish.

Tony Chandler

December Results
1.Thomas Lima
2.Roger Batson
3.Tom Lucero
4.Ciprian Cimpan
5.Chris Madden
6.Josh Holstrom
7.Chad Kloeppel
8.Mike O'Donnell
9.Ed Dibble
10.John Nutting
11.Alex Kazel
12.Toby Chandler
13.Steve Fry
14.Amy Wagner
15.Warren Wagner
16.Richard Gagan
17.George Henning

1. Austin Madden
2. Cole Kazel


YTD Standings
1.Roger Batson
2.Ciprian Cimpan
3.Thomas Lima
4.Chris Madden
5.Mike O'Donnell
6.Tom Lucero
7.Toby Chandler
8.Chad Kloeppel
9.Warren Wagner
10.Mike Steckel
11.Steve Fry
12.John Nutting
13.Ken Cliadakis
14.Alex Kazel
15.Antonio Rus
1.Cody Steckel
2.Austin Madden
3.Cole Kazel
4.Julian Romero
5.Chance Aguilar
6.Allison Holstrom
7.Riley Routree
8.Gabe Lawrence
9.Jayden Warren
10.Kylee Warren

Big Fish
Big Fish
Thomas Lima
5.70 Pounds
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