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Nevada Striper Club - Tournaments - Rules
Tournaments - Overview

All tournaments start at 5:00 p.m. on Friday and end at 12:00 p.m. on Sunday unless otherwise noted.

A total of four fish can be weighed in upon completion of tournament.

Contestants may launch at any time during the tournament from any location on Lake Mead.

All weigh-ins are held at the Las Vegas Baypicnic area unless otherwise noted.

All contestants must pay entry fee and carry a copy of the entry form as well as a copy of the National Park Service’s permit conditions on their boat the tournament.

Tournaments are kill tournaments so there is no need to keep fish alive after being caught

Anglers can win the big fish pot and also place in the tournament.  Big fish counts towards total weight.

All fish must be caught with rod and reel followed by Nevada Fishing Regulations.

If you have any questions, please email:

Tournaments – GUT CHECK

All Contestants must mark their fish to be weighed with a yellow plastic tag. Tags will be provided at the meeting and at the weigh-in. Using a permanent marker, write your full name on each tag then number each tag 1 thru 4. Fish will be weighed one at a time, starting with your biggest fish as number 1. Next is fish number 2, 3 and finally your smallest fish as number 4. Procedure: After weighing fish number 1, NDOW will take your fish and measure it. Then you may proceed with fish number 2 and more if you have them (in order). Also part of a gut check is an angler survey. You will be asked when you started how many hours on your motor (boaters) and when you quit fishing. After the all fish have been weighed and measured, NDOW will take all the fish to the cleaning station for the “gut check”. During the“gut check” they will cut the fish open and determine male or female and stomach contents will be ascertained.

You are responsible to retrieve your fish or find a home for them after the completion of the “gut check”. You are welcome to make arrangements for a fellow angler to take your fish but you must inform the tournament director.

Printable version of the tournament rules and overview (PDF) 


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